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    Three Moons Pack


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    Three Moons Pack Empty Three Moons Pack

    Post by Ardra on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:22 am

    Ever wonder what Dagger's pack was like?... Well now you can know... and join!

    Three Moons Pack BELONGS TO ME.
    Do not steal.
    Do not steal my idea.
    All wolves must have bracers kthx.
    The ONLY exception to a non-wolf char is Saeli, Dagger's mate. Kthx.
    Site rules apply.
    Don't steal people's chars.
    Fade to black when giving birth or mating.
    Cussing/drama/fight scenes allowed.
    I can add more when I want :]
    When you see this colour it means I'm commenting on something :>
    Pups must be split evenly between rpers unless they agree otherwise

    All pack members must try for a spot of their choosing
    If they don't make it they go to Submissive position, where they go where they are needed. Some may rise above this rank, others may not.
    All pack members MUST be respected (Can and should be broke)
    One mate ONLY. If you break up, fine, find another mate... But no cheating please (Can and should be broken)
    All pups who have found their ranks will get a custom set of bracers
    Bracers are to be cared for properly! (Bracers can have anything on them, but it must be realistic and something they have seen, keep in mind they have extensive knowledge of humans and stuff since they live in an old human city that has been badly damaged)
    More rules will come when I think of it :3

    History: (Only if they grew up outside of the pack please<3)
    IF old enough, Bracer COLOUR and IF there is something on them (DESCRIPTION ONLY, DETAILED PLEASE):


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    Three Moons Pack Empty The Pack

    Post by Ardra on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:26 am


    Alpha: Dagger - X - Bracers Here -Ardra
    Alpha's Mate: Saeli - Description Here - Bracers Here - Saeli

    Cael - Top One - X - Sammu
    Beta's Mate:

    The Elite:
    Healers (2 Only and an Apprenice each)-

    Carmesi - X - Bracers Here - Ardra

    Black Smiths (3 Only and One Apprentice) -
    Dray - Bottom One - - Sammu

    Lead Hunter (1) -
    Leon - Description Here - Bracers Here - Saeli

    Lead Warrior (1) -
    Beltar - [url=http://www.chickensmoothie.com/oekaki/image/image.php?id=1062770&size=large&format=auto&rev=2X
    - Bracers Here - Ardra

    Normal Members -
    Fleur - X - Bracers Here - Ardra
    Zatril - X - Bracers Here - Ardra
    Seven - X - Bracers Here - Ardra

    Submissive -
    Blizz - X - Bracers Here - Ardra
    Quilaun - X - Bracers Here - Ardra

    Mums & Pups -

    Pups -

    Elders -

    Loners -
    Ardra - X - Ardra

    Dray Crush on Ardra
    Cael Crush on Leon
    Dagger Mated To Saeli

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    Three Moons Pack Empty Pack Ranks Info And stuff

    Post by Ardra on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:59 am

    The Alpha(s)
    The alpha or alphas are the supreme rulers of the pack. Their word is law. There is usually one alpha who's mate also becomes alpha when the mate ceremony is complete, they have the same power as the actual alpha but usually the regular alpha's word is law, and if he/she overrides their mate (the one who became alpha because of mateness) then whatever they said is void. The pups that show potential alpha qualities are granted a necklace with a glowing stone around their neck and when the time comes one of them can either step down, or they will have a fight and whoever is the loser, be it to severe injury, death, giving up, or when the fight is deemed over by the healer the winning wolf becomes alpha and their necklace still glows (did I mention these things glow all throughout their life until they lose the fight?) then the necklace is just turned into a normal necklace. When the old alpha dies the new alpha will take his or her place. Only the alpha's first litter of pups will have a potential alpha, this can be anywhere from one pup to all of them. The potential pups, deemed by the healers, will be sent on a journey to receive their stones (Each glowing stone's colour means something different) but it is secret and if they tell what happens on the journey (which each pup takes on his or her own at around a month) their stone will no longer grow. If an alpha dies prematurely with no pups a new leader will be chosen by the healer/healers, no questions asked, and that alpha will go on the journey. If all the pups die from the first litter the next litter will then have the next alpha/alphess. The alpha/alphess retires at about 10 years of age and allows the new alpha to take their place after training them for a year.The losers of the contest, if they live, will continue to wear the necklaces and will be moved to the Omega Position (Please see Omega) and will never have a chance at becoming alpha again even if their sibling or the one who beat them dies a premature death. The alpha is buried with his or her bracers, like all wolves, BUT also their necklace which, will no longer glow. If the next alpha has a litter before he/she becomes alpha then their first litter as alpha will have the next alpha, not the very first one they had. May add more later

    The Beta(s)
    Betas work the same way as Alphas, but without the gems and necklaces. Their mate's get the same position as they do. Their word is law as well, but can be vetoed by the alpha(s). Their pups do not get the position after their parents' deaths, the beta is chosen by the alpha. If an alpha dies then there is a chance his/her beta can be kicked from his/her position as well as his/her mate and a new one will be appointed by the new alpha.

    The Elite
    They will never mate, never have pups, and that is that. Their bracers usually aren't made of metal, and arent bracers at all, but bracelets made of different herbs, berries, grasses, etc. If a healer is caught in a romance, has pups, etc. They will be sentence to death, no questions asked. Usually Healers are females who cannot have puppies, but males have been known to be healers too. Healers Apprentices are chosen by the Lead Hunter and Lead Fighter and there is only two apprentices at a time.

    They make the bracers and the knowledge is passed from generation to generation, which was taught to them long ago by a druid who knew how to speak wolf. (Her name may or may not have been Ardra -whistles-) They choose a solitary life, still apart of the pack and participating in hunts and wars / training for battle, however they usually choose to have no mates or pups of their own- however this is a CHOICE and they can have a mate and pups if they so choose. They usually live together with their apprentice by themselves in another abandoned forge across the 'city'. Blacksmith apprentice is chosen by the Lead Hunter and Lead Fighter

    Lead Hunter & Lead Fighter
    The lead hunter is an elite wolf, but also a normal member. He/she leads the pack on the hunt usually next to the alphas, or if the alphas are busy he/she leads the pack all on his/her own. He/she is also in charge of running small hunting expeditions. All pack members are hunters. The lead warrior works the same way, but he/she will not lead the pack when war comes, however he/she is responsible for placing the pups into categories - submissive, normal, healer apprentice, blacksmith apprentice, or into normal hunting and fighting training. All submissive and normal members are fighters, healers are not, and blacksmiths may participate. Alphas, betas, and omegas are as well.

    Regular Members
    They are fighters and hunters. They take care of the camp and stuff o3o

    They really are cared for greatly, they aren't viewed as a threat because they aren't 'dominant' enough and they are the heart of the pack loved and cherished by all

    Wolves who weren't alpha enough, they are sort of outcasts not really fitting in anywhere. An Omega CAN Redeem his or herself, but they must show full potential that they arent a threat to the alpha or beta positions and they must pledge loyalty to the alpha (A lot of alpha-like wolves have issues with this)

    Mums -
    Nursing or expecting she-wolves, they do not participate in hunts or fight practices very often and are cared for greatly by the pack

    To young to be members or apprentices, rough and tumble babies who are always causing trouble!


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    Three Moons Pack Empty Re: Three Moons Pack

    Post by Saeli on Sun May 19, 2013 10:56 pm

    Name: Saeli
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2
    Rank: Alphess
    Description/Picture: Saeli is hereee.
    Personality: Saeli is quiet and lacks trust in others due to her past. She usually only spoke when she felt words were needed. It's not impossible to gain her trust, but you have to work for it. She is also known as a fighter, her scars are proof. Saeli enjoys mock fighting to vent her anger and to see the skill you possess. Once she trusts you, Saeli will look out for you as if you were her own kin. Though Saeli may seem hard to reach, she welcomes interaction with her with an open heart.
    History: She met Dagger while hunting on multiple occasions and eventually they got together.
    Mate?: Dagger
    Crush?: Dagger
    Pups?: Yes? Eventually if Ardra wants to rp with them lol.
    IF old enough, Bracer COLOUR and IF there is something on them (DESCRIPTION ONLY, DETAILED PLEASE): Not sure yet D: I've failed ye Ardra!
    Other: My form sucks. edits later

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    Three Moons Pack Empty Re: Three Moons Pack

    Post by Samantha on Sun May 19, 2013 11:40 pm

    Name: Cael
    Gender: Fem
    Age: ummmm 2yrs is like young adult, rite??
    Rank: Beta betcha /shot
    Description/Picture: [Click] [Cael is the top one]
    Personality: Oh god: she's cunning yet clumsy. sneaky yet oblivious. reliable yet stupid. fierce yet shy. crazy yet kind. and all kinds of forms of silly. She likes to annoy others to see "their other faces" when people wont smile or laugh a lot. She tries to make others happy without getting in the way. And if she hates you, you'll know it.
    History: (Only if they grew up outside of the pack please<3)
    Mate?: Leon (As long as he wont set my ass on fire)
    Crush?: ^
    Kin: Dray
    Pups?: MAYBE but not now derp derp
    IF old enough, Bracer COLOUR and IF there is something on them (DESCRIPTION ONLY, DETAILED PLEASE): I'm rlly not good at descriptions, should I change this? :C
    Other: idk yo


    Name: Dray
    Gender: maleon
    Age: 2 and 1/2yrs ig
    Rank: blacksmith
    Description/Picture: [Click] [Dray is the bottom one]
    Personality: Usually quiet and tries his best to make wise decisions. He wants a mate but he gets really shy if pretty she wolfs start hitting on him. He puts all his time into his work and can sometimes be too absorbed. It's never odd to find him arguing or play fighting with his sister Cael as she tends to annoy him to no end.
    History: Cael and Dray were born in the pack but one stormy day, when Dray was very young and easy prey for many predators, he got separated from the pack. To this day no one knows how he got so lost but Ardra, the druid, had miraculously saved Dray and cared for him. For a year she taught him blacksmith ways and even wolf ways until he was 2 years old and was strong enough to return home
    Mate?: V
    Crush?: Looking
    Kin: Cael
    Pups?: nope
    IF old enough, Bracer COLOUR and IF there is something on them (DESCRIPTION ONLY, DETAILED PLEASE): the base color stays the same brown but the design is purple on the left bracer and blue on the right. the left bracer also has a black star right under the design
    Other: idk yo


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    Three Moons Pack Empty Re: Three Moons Pack

    Post by Ardra on Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:46 am

    Anyone wanna start here?

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    Three Moons Pack Empty Re: Three Moons Pack

    Post by Samantha on Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:29 am

    ((I'm not sure about this world and some of the stuff so I'd rather not D: I hope thats ok :<< ))

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