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    The End of the World. Technically.


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    The End of the World. Technically. Empty The End of the World. Technically.

    Post by Saeli on Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:37 pm

    The world's end. It's something people overestimate and underestimate. Many believe they know when it will occur, others say the world will never see it coming. But what if the end, is only the beginning?
    3012. A thousand years after the world was supposed to end. All the conspiracies about the end of the world seem to have all but vanished, with the exception of the roadside crackpots. In this new age, the world has found what a thousand years before was to be known simply as Science Fiction, Fiction, or even Fantasy. Now with the advancements in biochemistry even the poorest of people can have powers beyond belief. Though these privileges aren't just given out to anyone.
    You have to be tested and once your government approves you are fit to wield such a power, you go under surgery and when you wake up your enlisted in the army. However, most in the army, marines, navy, coast guard, or air force did not see battle as the world for once seemed at peace too busy with their new toys to intervene in other worldly affairs.
    And then it happened.
    August 21, 3012 tectonic plates shift all around the world causing minor earthquakes. The real kicker? It's sending every volcano, active or dormant and even those not fully formed, into huge lava spewing terrors across the globe.
    Each and every volcano created huge ash clouds that spread out over the globe. Billions of people went into mass panic and began attacking each other, destroying public buildings, and stealing all the food and supplies they can get a hold of. And for two months after, the sky remained dark with ash. And over those two months, the electricity disappeared completely. Everyone had to return to horseback and bows and arrows.
    50 years later, year 30602, the powers and biochemistry is only being passed down through birth and most everyone has forgotten about what the world once was. With the exception that old cities still dot the landscape, scaring it. Can you survive in this mad place?


    >ALL Site Rules Apply
    >Romance/Fighting Encouraged
    >Semi-Lit (Full sentences, good grammar, at least 2-3 sentences per post.)
    >No Mary/Gary-sues
    >No Godmodding
    >Don't have too many powers
    >Make sure your powers have weaknesses
    >You don't have to read that huge thing up there but it will set the scene for this RP xD
    >OOC should be in single or double brackets: (()), [[]], or {{}}
    >I can add rules if needed
    >Have fun!


    [b]Pets(including mount if owned):[/b]


    >>>People where also given genes of animals that would enhance their senses. On top of it they could be given animal tails, wings, ears, and even make their eyes and skin tone similar. The offspring of the mechanical enhanced tended to actually grow some appendages be it tail, wings, ears, etc.


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    Saeli Rafeton - Saeli
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    The End of the World. Technically. Empty Re: The End of the World. Technically.

    Post by Saeli on Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:03 am

    Name: Saeli Rafeton
        Gender: Female
        Age: 17
        Species: Half-breed
        Weapons: Saeli uses a dagger hand crafted by her father, and a sword also crafted by him.
        Pets(including mount if owned): A raven named Yuki.
        History: Before the tectonic plates in the world started to shift, Sael's grandparents had been lucky enough to be chosen as participants in some of the governments programs. Her grandmother was chosen for a type of group where animal DNA could be spliced with a humans. This enhanced her sight, smell, and hearing abilities. In this program, they also gave the participants mechanical parts of their animal. Saeli's grandmothers DNA was mixed with a foxes, and she was given mechanical ears and tail.
    Saeli's grandfather was part of a different program where humans were given treatments to have the ability to control a certain element, if only cause a light breeze for air, fling drops of water, move pebbles, or light candles. He was given the ability to manipulate water, and as it was practiced and passed down through generations would develop.
    Saeli's grandmother married another half-breed, while her grandfather married another water wielder. The two couples soon had children passing these traits down to Saeli's mother and father. Saeli's mother had actually grown a fox tail due to her parents treatment while the ears were a recessive gene. Her father had gathered strengthened abilities from his two parents as well. This couple passed their traits onto Saeli allowing for her to have fox ears and tail, also with abilities to manipulate water.
        Personality: Saeli is quiet and lacks trust in others due to being manipulated by many people as a child. She usually only spoke when she felt words were needed. It's not impossible to gain her trust, but you have to work for it. She is also known as a fighter, her scars are proof. Saeli enjoys mock fighting to vent her anger and to see the skill you possess. Once she trusts you, Saeli will look out for you as if you were her own kin. Though Saeli may seem hard to reach, she welcomes interaction with her with an open heart.

        Looks: Clickkkky for Saeli.
        Kin: Keziah (Mother), Darius ( Father), and Leontios (Brother)
    They are living in a house in Saeli's old hometown. They allowed their daughter to go out exploring.
        Crush/(BF/GF): None right now.
        Powers: Saeli has strengthened sight, hearing, and smell due to her fox DNA. Saeli has the ability to control water, but only if she is near it and only for a short period of time.

    Name: Leontios Rafeton
        Gender: Male
        Age: 19
        Species: Human
        Weapons: A battleaxe crafted by his father, and a shield with their family crest on it.
        Pets: None.
        History:  (See Saeli's history then read this.) Leontios is the brother of Saeli, but unlike his sister he was not gifted with any of the dominant genes that now ran in his family. Leon only received all recessive genes, allowing for minimal sensory abilities.
        Personality: Leontios is a strange boy who is always looking for a challenge. He tends to do favors for people who are willing to pay him, though he has not gone so far as killing another human being. Leon has a deep love for his younger sister even if he is jealous that she got the family genes when he could not. Leon is nice once you get to know him, but may seem bitter before hand.
        Looks: I'm working on drawing him too.
        Kin: Keziah (Mother), Darius ( Father), and Saeli (Sister)
    They are living in a house in Leontios's old hometown. They allowed their children to go out exploring.
        Crush/(BF/GF): None right now.
        Powers: His hearing and smell are slightly better than a normal humans but not by much.
        Other: Leontios is currently out searching for his sister as they got separated a while ago.

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