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    Elemental Gelade - Under Construction Empty Elemental Gelade - Under Construction

    Post by Samantha on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:55 am



    Sammy wrote:the anime and rp will have three kinds of people (well 4 but u see)
    one is the Eden Raid. They're people with gems somewhere on their body and they "react" with humans turning the Raid into a weapon of some sort. When they react the human and Raid have to touch so its somewhat intimate but not entirely (i mean one could just put a shoulder on the other). Then humans obvi. Then Sitting Raid which are humans that had a fake gem put on them.

    Eden Raids live hundreds of years while humans dont so if Dray were human and Cael weren't then Cael would see Dray die ouo

    a "broken" eden raid (eden raid with broken gem) are usually shamed because they got their gem broke and they cant react anymore but they still live for a long time

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