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    The World Needs Light and Dark - Saeli + Sam


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    Re: The World Needs Light and Dark - Saeli + Sam

    Post by Saeli on Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:25 am

    Ilia let out a sort of sigh as he placed the necklace around her neck. She could almost feel the effect of as she wore it this time. When Nuo stared at her, Ilia couldn't help but meet his gaze. His eyes still fascinated her, and she wasn't sure she would ever be able to figure them out.

    A light blush formed on her face as he stepped back and Ilia let out an irritated HMPH as he made his bathing comment. As he lied down, Ilia stood and made her way to the river. Taking her clothes off behind a tree, and under the cover of what darkness was being provided, Ilia slipped into the water. From her position she could clearly see Nuo sleeping by the fire with what was left of it. She couldn't help but think about his offer while she bathed.

    Finishing up, Ilia dressed in a clean set of clothes that she had brought to travel through the town. Returning to the fire, Ilia kicked some dirt on it to remove the rest of the flames and lied down in her own sleeping bag. Ilia laid awake for a while staring at Nuo and rubbing his necklace before she slowly drifted off to sleep dreaming about the crazy situation they were in.

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    Re: The World Needs Light and Dark - Saeli + Sam

    Post by Samantha on Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:46 am

    As the sun slowly began drifting above the horizon, Nuo awoke with a stretch and a yawn. He peaked over at the sleeping Ilia and found her sleeping form very peaceful. He was beginning to have some thoughts he wasn't sure he'd like to have. Maybe... she could be different. Different than other women. Something more than just sex.

    But Nuo questioned himself. What made her so different? He didn't know. Her voice, her looks, the way she acts, he just found it so appealing. She's also the first person since... her... that has moved his heart so. Ilia's frightened face was more than he could bare to see and had rather put pain upon himself than see her that way.

    He shook his head. He shouldn't be thinking about shit like this. He's got a man to kill. Nuo rose up and grabbed some necessities before making his way to the river. He didn't check to see if he was out of sight or not, as his mind began wandering to thoughts of his past.

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