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    Post by Samantha on Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:26 am

    I'll make pretty much any member group you would like me to. But to apply, you have to a fill out a form:

    [center][b]Group Name:[/b]
    [b]Group Description:[/b]
    [b]Group Moderator:[/b]
    [b]Group Members Color:[/b]
    [b]Group Status:[/b]
    [b]Permission to send PM Mailings:[/b]

    The first three are self-explanatory, however, let me explain the rest.

    Group Members Color: This is the color the members' names will be displayed in, but not all groups can have colored names.

    Group Status There are three group status'. Opened group is when users can ask to join and the moderator can accept or decline. Closed group is when only the moderator of the group can add or delete members. And Hidden group does not appear to users.

    Permission to send PM Mailings: Means you can choose which kind of users can PM Mailings to members of this group: Members, Usergroups, Mods, or Admins.

    You can apply, but that does not mean you'll be accepted. Your group idea will be reviewed and judged by several admin before being accepted or declined. However, you can apply again if you have made your "case" more presentable.

    Post forms here and if I have not personally PM'd you about whether your group has been accepted or not, I may have missed and you may need to message a mod or myself to help you. But, NO ONE will be ignored!

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